Parting and grooving tools

Successful chip control

Cutting tools featuring over and under coolant delivered with high precision means you can control both chips and temperature for highly productive and problem-free parting and grooving. Easily apply the coolant using a plug-and-play adaptor.

Perfect surface finish

If an extra high-quality surface is your key concern, choose a wiper insert. The wiper effect means you get an excellent surface finish with standard cutting data or a maintained surface finish at a substantially higher feed and speed.

Parting and grooving inserts and grades

Secure, cost-efficient production of quality components is often the focus when selecting inserts and grades for parting and grooving. Whether you are parting-off small components or grooving large diameters, you will find your insert grade for parting and grooving here.

A tool for every task

Parting off

External grooving

Internal grooving

Face grooving